Terms of use

 In general, the website site "Invest in Armenia" has an informational nature: this website submitted the project brief description of the investment seekers. In some cases by the client's request the project authors involving some experts and specialists, which analyze the viability of the project by giving expert opinion. In this case the descriptive part of project have the sign "Studied", which provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the opinion of experts.

In right side of page there is located search "Filter", which give an opportunity to search the project according to selection certain parameters.

The sign  "Banking program" indicates that the author and co financing of project are bank or other financial institution.

 In addition there are separeted bookmark for "Active" programs, it means that project author  is loking for financing for  already existing project. 

 If you want to make a investment,  we recommend you get acquainted with  "Investors", section. If you want to install your project, you should get acquainted with  section "Investment seekers" , as well as you should get acquainted with sections "Services" and "Rules and Conditions". 

 Thank you in advance for our services related and we wish you success in all your endeavors.